Tranter Heat Exchanger
Spare parts

upgrades for safety, efficiency, easier

For plate and frame heat exchangers, Tranter offers practical upgrades for safety, efficiency, easier maintenance and lower cost operation over long life-cycles.

Included are accessories for worker and workplace protection, collection of process data, effective cleaning, replacement gaskets and trouble-free unit opening and closing.


Tranter Service Center field service crews are available at any time to restore your plate heat exchangers to nameplate condition. Whether serviced during a planned shutdown or on an emergency basis, your exchangers will benefit from OEM parts and service.


Special flanges are available with outlets for drainage and ventilation, pressure gauges and sensors.


That’s why we offer OEM quality replacement parts and service for all brands of plate heat exchangers(including Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Sondex and others as well as Tranter, with genuine Tranter OEM replacement parts and service for all of our units.