Plate heat exchanger
service specialist MARTEC.

Plate heat exchanger service specialist.
A Brif Martec Industries History.
Martec Sales & Service activity.
Sales & Service activity

Sales & Service activity

Tranter & Behrens Registration

Tranter & Behrens Registration in the vendors’ list at big shipyards like HHI / DSME / SHI / HMD / HSHI.

The best supplier

Tranter is selected as the best supplier from HHI shipyard in 2001 and 2007.

Good relationships with Korea shipowners

Good relationships with Korea shipowners such as HMM / HANJIN / SK / KLC and etc.

Skilled service engineers

Skilled service engineers are secured for assembly & maintenance work at any time.

Main handling items

Main handling items

Tranter Heat Exchangers for plate cooler in Sweden & China.
Behrens Pumpen for Centrifiugalpump in Germany.